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What do things cost in New Zealand?

To give you a general idea of what things cost in New Zealand, we have listed a few commonly purchased items and the average price you will pay for them in New Zealand.

The cost of items will vary within New Zealand, in remote locations which are often the most scenic, the cost of transporting goods and the sparse population results in a higher price for items like food and petrol.  If you are travelling with children the cost of tourist attractions is usually cheaper for children, or there may be a family rate which offers the best value for a family of two adults and two children.

Price guide:

Use the following as a rough guide for some common travel expenses that will come up on your New Zealand holiday.

For an insight into New Zealand dining prices see our Food and Dining article.

Daily food and drink budget:

The following is a rough budget guide to follow for your daily food and drink expenses.

The main supermarkets you can expect to be buying food from in New Zealand are: New World; Countdown; Pak 'n' Save; Fresh Choice

Remember, if you will be travelling on dates that will fall on one or multiple New Zealand Public Holiday days, costs of dining out on these days will be significantly increased. To find out any public holiday days that fall during your travel period, head to the New Zealand government information page here.