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West Coast

The West Coast is a 6oo kilometre stretch of land located between the Southern Alps and the Tasman sea. Within this region are five of New Zealand's national parks - Kahurangi, Paparoa, Arthur's Pass, Westland and Mt. Aspiring.

A region of incredible diversity, the West Coast is home to some of the countries highest mountains as well as beaches, rainforests, glaciers, rock formations, rivers, gorges, podocarp forests and an abundance of wildlife. 

Geology Meets Ecology Alpine Fault Tour

Geology Meets Ecology Alpine Fault Tour

Take a two-hour discovery adventure to see where the Pacific and Australian continental plates meet. Visit the drilling site and learn how it plays a vital role in seismic monitoring and see how two active plates come together and shape the land around them. The Alpine fault line is a natural wonder of our planet that until recently has only been accessible to international geologists studying and monitoring the site.
The Gaunt Creek exposure site is one of the most significant sites in the world where middle earth has been thrust to the surface from 30 kilometres below by the power of the colliding tectonic plates. The fault line is like nothing you have seen before. It’s unusual colour and texture created by pressure and heat must be seen to be believed. It is the only naturally exposed fault line site on the globe making it a magnet for scientists from all around the world.