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5 ways to get your adrenaline pumping in Queenstown

     1. Blast off a bridge

Queenstown is the birthplace of commercial bungy jumping, so this is the place to throw yourself into a canyon! With a range of different locations and freak-out levels to suit anyone, AJ Hackett is the original and the best when it comes to bungy. Take the plunge at the Kawarau Bridge Bungy, where the world's first commercial jumps took place in 1988. Have a go at a night jump over the twinkling nights of Queenstown at The Ledge, or tackle the longest bungy in New Zealand at AJ Hackett's Nevis Bungy.

     2. Plunge from a plane

If bungy jumping is too close to the ground for you, what better way to see New Zealand's stunning scenery then by plummeting towards it at a terminal velocity with nothing to stop you from colliding with those beautiful mountains but a parachute? If this sounds appealing, then skydiving is for you! Head over to NZONE Skydiving and take the plunge from 9, 12 or 15,000 feet, and experience one of the greatest rushes of your life!

NZONE skydiving, Queenstown

     3. Rush down a river

Queenstown is the number one place to experience the exhilaration of a jet boat ride (jet boats were invented by a Kiwi after all!) With a range of operators to choose from, feel the rush with KJet, Skippers Canyon Jet, Shotover Jet, Dart River Wilderness Jet or Thunder Jet. Enjoy a hair-raising boat ride as you rush along the lakes and rivers, speed past canyon walls so close that you can touch them, and marvel as you fly over water just 3 inches deep!


     4. Sail through the skies

If flying towards the ground at high speeds, or rushing through canyons at equally high speeds doesn't sound like your cup of tea, opt for something a little gentler (but no less thrilling) and take to the skies with a tandem paragliding experience! Skytrek, G Force Paragliding and Coronet Peak Tandem Paragliding are the three operators to choose from for your aerial adventure. Head up a mountain and float over Queenstown under a billowing canopy for a peaceful, and truly memorable adventure high above the city.

     5. Climb through a canyon

Most of these adventures keep you relatively clean, but if getting down and dirty is more your style, you can't go past a canyoning adventure with Canyoning Queenstown! Get up close and personal with the environment as you don a wetsuit and helmet, and head into the wilderness. Spend a few hours climbing up canyon beds, jumping down waterfalls and sliding over slippery river rocks, for a day of adventure that you won't forget. A great activity for adventure lovers looking for something a little bit different.