Earnslaw Burn Scenic Helicopter Flight with Heliworks

This is the top pick from the Heliworks team. Lift off from Heliworks for a flight across the Richardson Mountains; fly over schist covered slopes and views of historical gold mining sites on your way to this exclusive landing site. Just after the Dart and Rees rivers meet near Lake Wakatipu you will see Mt Earnslaw (also known by its Maori name of Pikirakatahi) with the Earnslaw Glacier its crowning glory! Fly along the valley before the breath-taking vista of cascading waterfalls and the hanging glacier opens up before you. Enjoy a landing at this magnificent spot; explore the valley with the Earnslaw Glacier towering above you and an astounding number of waterfalls spilling down the valley walls. Return to Heliworks with views of Coronet Peak and Queenstown itself. Trip Duration is 1 hour.