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10 travel packing tips to make the most of your luggage allowance

There are rare specimens who enjoy the art of packing the perfect suitcase – for everyone else, it’s always a chore. Let’s help you out a bit! Here are some great packing tips to make your next pack easier and more space efficient.

Tips for packing effectively

First things first…

Make a list

Don’t be that person who gets to the seaside, all ready for an amazing beach holiday, only to discover you’ve forgotten to pack your swimsuit. Make a packing list a few days before you depart so that you ensure you haven’t forgotten anything important. Starting early also allows time to go out and buy any extra bits that you need.

Bags being weighed at the airport

Check out your airlines baggage allowances

There’s nothing worse than getting to the airport and being hit with a luggage fee because your bag is overweight. Take the time to check what your airlines luggage allowances are and weigh your bags before you go. If you’re tipping the scale before you leave you’ve still got time to lighten your load and avoid those pesky fees.

Hot Tip #1: if your bag is too heavy, consider getting rid of any liquid items – you can always buy shampoo at your destination. Also think about wearing your heavy clothing items on the plane to save even more weight in your checked bag.

Keep your essentials out

It’s happened to the best of us, you’ve checked your bag, got your ticket, made it through security, now it’s time for a nice cold beverage and what do you find? Your wallet is in your checked bag. Save yourself the grief of accidentally packing something important in your checked luggage by packing your carry-on bag first. This way you know you have all the essential items safely stowed safely away from your checked bag.

Embrace the roll

Say it with me now: roll, roll, roll! Tightly rolling your clothes instead of folding them will save a significant amount of space in your luggage, for your bulkier or less flexible items (like denim) fold these normally and use them as a flat base to pack your rolled items onto.

Roll clothing to pack your suitcase

Fill that empty space

Any extra space available, use it! Stuff things like shoes with socks and underwear to maximise the space in your luggage.

Hot Tip #2: If you’re heading to winter and wanting to stay warm, pack thin layers and opt for microfleece and light down jackets over a big bulky coat. Layers give you flexibility while fleece and down will keep you toasty without adding excessive weight to your bag.

Grab a stuff sack

Take a lightweight stuff sack (compression sack) with you to minimise the space your dirty clothes take up while travelling. Stuff sacks can also be very useful for saving space on your other clothes, as well as being a great organisation tool.

Wire ties and zip locks

Say goodbye to that tangled mess of travel cords and say hello to neat and organised gadgets! Use wire ties to wrap up your necessary travel bits and arrange your cords and gadgets into zip lock bags. This will keep them beautifully organised while adding an extra layer of protection against potential liquid spills.

Stop those leaks

If you do need to take liquids in your checked bag, stop any leaks by taking the lid off and wrapping you're bottle top with cling-film. Replace the lid and seal the outside with a heavy duty tape – goodbye leaks!

Get an e-reader

There’s nothing like a good book - that lovely book smell, the feel of turning the pages – but they are big and bulky and finite. If you’re an avid book-worm, save your library for the house and invest in an e-reader. They are smaller and lighter than a standard paperback and will supply you with endless reading material no matter how long you’re on the road for.

Get an e-reader