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Experience of the Week: The Ledge Bungy Queenstown

The Ledge Bungy, Queenstonn

What is the Experience?

AJ Hackett’s ‘The Ledge’ is the only ‘freestyle’ bungy jumping experience in the country. Freestyle? Specially designed body harnesses allow you to twist, flip or dive off the platform. It’s a bungy jumping experience with an extra portion of adrenalin.

‘I stood 400 metres above Queenstown ready to jump ‘The Ledge’. The view of Queenstown’s lights below me was pretty good but I wasn’t really looking. It is all about what to do at that point. I decided to go for the big dive. I had been pumped all week for my fourth bungy experience and the rest of the Self Drive New Zealand team was there cheering me on. The team started counting down from 5, 4, 3... And off I jumped. OK a bit early but I just had so much adrenalin. We’d decided to jump at night and that added more thrill to the whole experience. Would I do it again? Absolutely; I loved it. Might even try a flip next time!’

Where is it located?

The Ledge is located at the top of Queenstown Gondola, a must-do for Queenstown. You’ll see where you need to go from just about anywhere in Queenstown and the base of the gondola is a short walk from the centre of town.

Who would enjoy this?

Anyone with a sense of adventure and a desire to for a slightly different bungy experience! It’s a case of pushing yourself outside your comfort zone and experiencing the thrill of free falling in one of the most scenic locations in the world. And your support crew get the chance to take in an amazing view whether they jump or not.

Interesting Fact?

The oldest person to bungy jump was a 75 year old grandmother on holiday from Ireland.