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Experience of the Week: Interactive Maori Experience with Te Puia Rotorua

An interactive cultural Maori experience at Te Puia Springs New Zealand

What is the Experience?

Only a short hop from the Rotorua township you’ll find Te Puia, known as New Zealand’s living Maori cultural experience. Sprawling across 60 hectares of volcanic land it is home to the world renowned Pohutu Geyser, a live kiwi enclosure and more than 500 geothermal wonders. Shrouded in a continuous haze of steam, Te Puia has a dramatic and ethereal air. As you’re guided along the wooden walkways, thermal springs and boiling mud pools surround you on either side - while native ferns and flax can be seen in the forest ahead. Before continuing on, be sure to visit the authentic Maori Pa and stay watch a unique cultural performance.

Where is it located?

Te Puia is located a seven minute drive from the main centre of Rotorua on Highway 30, Hemo Road.

Who would enjoy this?

This is a unique experience that can be enjoyed by families, friends and couples. If you love culture and learning new things then this one is for you!

Interesting Fact?

Many of the guides and staff working at Te Puia are the direct descendants of the original people who settled in this valley.Learn some Maori culture in Te Puia Springs