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Zealandia Wildlife Sanctuary

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Experience of the Week: Zealandia Wildlife Sanctuary Tour

What is the Experience?

A New Zealand wildlife tour just minutes from the centre of our capital city, this evening Zealand Sanctuary Tour is a night time experience you will never forget.

With 225 hectares of fenced bush in this world-first protected valley, Zealandia is a special place attempting to recreate New Zealand wilderness as it was before people had a significant impact on it.

The tour will start with a chance to listen to birdsong that was absent from the mainland for more than a century. Your local guide will then take you on a 45-minute torch-light walk and talk tour where you will get to see some of New Zealand’s rarest native animals, including birds, reptiles and insects.

Although this is a fenced off area the wildlife live freely in their natural environment. Possible sightings include kiwi, tuatara, glow worms, tiny Maud island frogs in their enclosure, pateke (brown teal ducks) and kaka (parrots)

Where is it located?

We would recommend booking a taxi for the night tour but if your doing a day tour you can get return shuttles from Wellington I-site or Cable car throughout the day. They take approximately 15-20 minutes to get to Zealandia. We are located on Waiapu Road, Karoi, Wellington.

Who would enjoy this?

This tour and many other activities at Zealandia are fun for families, with children of all ages, and interesting for anyone with an interest in wildlife and the natural environment. You can spend a couple of hours here or even the full day if you are a real bird lover.

Interesting Fact?

Zealandia has been voted one of the top 25 eco-restoration projects in Australasia.