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Experience of the Week: Haunted House Tour with Fear Factory Queenstown

Getting scared at Fear Factory, Queenstown

What is the Experience?

This one of those ‘not for the faint hearted’ experiences. Our bosses challenged all the staff with Fear Factory, a real life ‘horror’ experience, recently. What a great bonding time we had! We were hugging and grabbing each other the whole way around.

Your small group will start by entering a pitch black hallway and the only thing you will see is a red dot you have been instructed to follow. Now the fun begins. Or should we say ‘terror’. With our group there were screams, jumps, grabbing of each other, lots of laughter and even some singing to distract ourselves from the terrors that awaited. We had an awesome time and the actors / ghouls did an amazing job of scaring everyone.

Where is it located?

Fear Factory is located on Shotover Street in the heart of Queenstown. Great for something to do in the evenings – maybe before dinner!

Who would enjoy this?

Fear Factory is geared toward adults, so great for groups of friends or couples. Note: Fear Factory is not recommended for children unless they are accompanied by an adult. As we said, ‘not for the faint hearted’.

Interesting Fact?

Fear Factory has a ‘Chicken List’, which you don’t want to be on! The list is the price you pay if at any time during your experience you choose not to continue and scream “CHICKEN!” If you do this a ghoul will come to take you directly to the exit but your name will be added to the list.