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New Zealand internet and phone: Staying connected

It’s easy to keep in touch while traveling in New Zealand if you come prepared.

So to make things a little simpler we’ve jotted down a few tips to ensure you're able to maximise connectivity during your next kiwi holiday.


Invest in a local SIM card

International roaming with your regular provider doesn't come cheap so we recommend you purchase a local SIM card with an appropriate data and calling plan. Although the range of options won't be as varied as you may be used to in your home country, there are several great options available to keep you connected. Here is snapshot:

***Prices as of August 2017***

Vodafone Travel SIM
$29 gets you:
1GB of data
200 minutes to use in New Zealand or to call back home
200 text messages to use in New Zealand or to send back home

Note: some country restrictions apply for international calls and texts

Skinny Holiday SIM
$26 gets you a 14-day travel package including: 
1.5GB of data
100 minutes for calls to New Zealand or Australia
200 text to New Zealand and Australia
100 international calling minutes

Spark Travel Pack
$29 gives you the following with a 1 month expiry:
1GB of data
200 New Zealand minutes
100 international minutes
200 New Zealand texts
50 international texts
1GB free WiFi per day at Spark hotspots across New Zealand

Look for free WiFi

It is common for most accommodation and dining establishments to offer free internet with an access code or password. Always ask if there is free WiFi available at your hotel to take advantage of connecting with home for free!

Also, many of New Zealand’s major cities including Auckland, Rotorua, Wellington and Dunedin have adopted free internet in the central areas.

Another great option for complimentary WiFi access is the library. All of New Zealand’s public libraries offer this service for patrons.

Consider a calling card

If your mobile phone is locked to a network back home or you don't wish to purchase a local SIM, you can choose to get a calling card for use within New Zealand's public phone network. Calling cards can be used to ring international countries for a specified amount of time and are generally very cost effective.

Note: most public phones in New Zealand don’t take cash, a credit card or calling card is generally necessary if you are wanting to make a call from a public phone