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Accommodation Styles in New Zealand

Our self drive tours are categorised into different New Zealand accommodation styles. But we can create a tour that mixes any and all styles to suit you. Want a tour that offers great value in convenient locations and a few nights of absolute luxury? We can do it! In fact, we can create just about any combination of accommodation options you would like.

The accommodation we recommend for our tours is selected on the basis of many different criteria. From ensuring good value to the best location, to providing you with a unique and satisfying stay, we carefully choose accommodation to match your requirements.

Remember when selecting a property that while cost and value for money are important, other factors can sometimes add even more value or a much more satisfying experience. Occasionally for a small difference you can be located in a more central location or have breakfast included in your tariff or you could be assured of the rooms with the best view. This is where our expertise and first-hand knowledge is invaluable.

Some of the accommodation categories or descriptions may not be familiar to you. So we have put together a list of your New Zealand accommodation options to explain what you can expect from particular styles of accommodation. This will help with you decide where you want to stay while you are in New Zealand.

Price scale $ - $$$$$ indicates an approximate comparison in cost ranges.

Adding actual dollar values to the scale is difficult as this varies from city to city and season to season. The variation in pricing also doesn't necessarily mean a variation in quality instead it might mean a variation in the facilities on offer or the location.

Motels $ - $$

The motels we recommend in New Zealand are of a very high standard. Services and facilities are comparable to hotels, in most cases. Costs can also be comparable with hotels, particularly in the small and popular locations, such as Kaikoura and the West Coast glacier towns, where accommodation options are limited.

One of the most useful features of motel accommodation is the self-contained facilities. At a minimum studio units will have cooking utensils, a hot plate and or microwave, toaster, kettle, crockery and cutlery. Other room types will have more comprehensive facilities such as a full kitchen. This is great if you prefer to prepare your own meals. Other facilities can include saunas, spas and swimming pools and some also offer a full breakfast service.

Motels also have a good choice of room types such as 2 bedroom or family units, making them a very economical choice for a family or larger group. The motels we offer are generally owned and operated by locals who have a genuine interest in their region and are keen to share it with you.

3 Star Hotel $ - $$$

The star rating for hotels generally applies to the facilities and services a hotel may have at your disposal and not necessarily the quality or value of those services. This is where our local first-hand knowledge makes your selection easier.

Throughout New Zealand there are some fantastic 3 star hotels that offer great service in great locations. Even within the same hotel, room types can vary enormously. Our tours only use and recommend the room type that we know is the best for your specific requirements. All our 3 star hotels have restaurant facilities and we can include pre-booked meals in the total tour cost if you prefer.

Note: smaller destinations — Coromandel, Kaikoura, Akaroa, etc. — may not offer any hotel style accommodation; your holiday planner will suggest an appropriate alternative style of accommodation.

4 Star Hotel $$ - $$$$

Our 4 star hotel range is immense and each one is selected and recommended for its location and room types.

Many of the hotels in this category have a range of room styles such as standard/deluxe/superior, lake view, mountain view, suites, etc. Many also have 2 and 3 bedroom suites, which can offer great value for a larger family or groups travelling together. Most 4 star hotels offer swimming pools, gyms, and a choice of restaurants. They are a little closer to town centres or occupy premium positions compared to a local 3 star alternatives

Find out more about one of our 4 star accommodation providers, Waldorf Stadium Apartments, in our travel blog.

Boutique Lodges and Hotels $$ - $$$$

Our guests often tell us that New Zealand boutique lodges and hotels are some of the best they have experienced. You might find yourself in a unique purpose built property, or an historic home that has been thoughtfully converted to accommodate discerning guests in quality surroundings.

These premier properties provide intimate accommodation including a delightful breakfast as part of their bed and breakfast service.  All the properties we recommend have very comfortable and private bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms. These lodges occupy good positions or are situated in a great suburb close to the action.  They are often owned and hosted by enthusiastic kiwi ambassadors and will definitely be a highlight of your New Zealand experience.

Luxury Lodges and Hotels $$$$ - $$$$

New Zealand is world famous for its luxury and exclusive lodges and hotels. They range from some of the finest cosmopolitan properties in city centres to purpose built lodges occupying prime locations in fantastic positions.

Luxury lodges in New Zealand afford guests every comfort and service. Often dinner their in-house chefs prepare some of the finest cuisine in the country and you dine amongst some of the finest settings. Lodges also provide services such as local fishing and hunting guides, walking guides, helicopter tours, in house massage and treatment facilities plus much more. Our luxury and 5 star hotels are globally recognised as some of the best.

Atahuri at Peka Peka is one of the spectacular luxury accommodation providers that we work with.

Glamping $$-$$$$

If you are feeling particularly adventurous, why not give glamping (luxurious camping) a go for a night or two? There are a number of outstanding glamping providers throughout New Zealand, offering beautiful landscapes, luxurious, camp-style accommodation and plenty of adventure.

Check out these 3 top glamping providers in New Zealand.

Questions About Your New Zealand Accommodation Options?

We book hundreds of New Zealand accommodation nights every week. If you have a question about accommodation in New Zealand, we will know the answer or be able to get it for you. Contact our tour planners for the answers you need.